Song List

Here is our ever expanding list of songs you can pick from. New songs are in bold.

Alkaline Trio – Private Eye
Alkaline Trio – Radio
Alkaline Trio – Stupid Kid
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Bad Religion – Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell!
Bad Religion – You
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Blink 182 – All the Small Things
Blink 182 – Dammit
Bouncing Souls – Broken Record
Bouncing Souls – Hopeless Romantic
Bouncing Souls – Kate is Great
Bouncing Souls – Manthem
Bouncing Souls – Private Radio
Bouncing Souls – Say Anything
Bouncing Souls – That Song
Bouncing Souls – True Believers
The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
The Cure – Just Like Heaven
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor
Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl
Descendents – Bikeage
Distillers – City of Angels
Face to Face – A-OK
Face to Face – Disconnected
Face to Face – Blind
Face to Face – I’m not Afraid
Green Day – American Idiot
Green Day – Basketcase
Green Day – Brainstew/Jaded
Green Day – She
Green Day – When I Come Around
Guttermouth – Lipstick
Hot Water Music – Trusty Chords
Jawbreaker – Boat Dreams from the Hill
Jawbreaker – Do You Still Hate Me
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
Lagwagon – Violins
Millencolin – Bullion
Millencolin – Penguins and Polarbears
Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna hear It
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
Misfits – Astro Zombies
Misfits – Last Caress
Misfits – Where Eagles Dare
No Use for a Name – Soul Mate
NOFX – Linoleum
NOFX – Quart in Session
NOFX – The Brews
Offspring – Bad Habit
Offspring – Come out and Play
Operation Ivy – Knowledge
Operation Ivy – The Crowd
Pennywise – Bro Hymn
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
Ramones – I Wanna be Sedated
Ramones – The KKK Took my Baby Away
Rancid – Journey to the End of East Bay
Rancid – Olympia W.A.
Rancid – Roots Radicals
Rancid – Ruby Soho
Rise Against – Injection
Screeching Weasel – My Right
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Strung Out – Bring out Your Dead
Social Distortion – Reach for the Sky

Coming soon:
Rise Against – Give it All
Adolescents – Amoeba

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